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ClaraClean® click!
ClaraClean-Reload! Textilien
ClaraClean® click! the ozon generator

· hygienization and cleaning
· only with tab water
­· effectiveness up to 99,999 %
­· against bacteria and viruses
· SGS tested and verified

ClaraClean-Reload! Textilien
ClaraClean Go!
The unique dry-loaded disposable textiles for surface or floor cleaning

Simply add water and clean!

ClaraClean Reload!
ClaraClean reload!
Reusable textiles for surface and floor cleaning

· lowest microplast level class A
­· HACCP conform
· germ reduction 97%
· made in Europe

ClaraClean-Reload! Textilien
ClaraClean Wash&Go!
ClaraClean Wash& Go!
The unique wash and load cloth.

· wash and load 40 mops
· wash and load 80 surface cloths
· universal loading, alkaline
· sanitary loading, acidic

ClaraClean® Wash&Go! Boxen
DRiZZ Spraymopp
The multiple patented spray mop system for enormous time savings for your floor care

· different holder systems selectable
· 600 ml pressure pump bottle
· specially designed aluminum spray nozzle
· robust construction for professional use

DRiZZ Spraymopp-System
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AVET® innovative and market-defining technologies for professional cleaning

“designed in Switzerland, made in Europe”

FFP2 face masks

Aus aktuellem Anlass finden Sie hier die hochwertigen und korrekt zertifizierten  Atemschutzmasken FFP2.

ClaraClean® Go! disposable textiles

Disposable textiles for surfaces and floors

ClaraClean® Go! System

ClaraClean® reload textiles

Mop and microfiber cloths for floor and surface cleaning

ClaraClean® Reload! System

ClaraClean® Wash & Go! washing and loading solution

Cloths for washing and pre-preparation of cleaning textiles

ClaraClean® Wash&Go!

AVET® transport trolley

AVET® transport - cleaning trolleys, mop presses, mobile buckets

Protective products

Products for protection & disinfection for a safe working environment

AVET® cleaning accessories

AVET® accessories - practical helpers for efficient cleaning

WOW!!!!! Especially good.


Unique disposable textiles for perfect hygiene. Just add water and off you go.

“It doesn’t get any simpler or cleaner than this”.

ClaraClean® Go!

ClaraClean® Go! are loaded high-performance textiles for surface cleaning with a disposable system! It couldn’t be easier. Wet the dry-loaded textiles with water and Go!

ClaraClean® Go! Just add water – and off you go!

An innovative and patented cleaning concept

    • The world’s only patented “ready to use” solution.
    • Dry loaded, with fast wetting ClaraClean® surfactants. No further cleaning agent necessary
    • Very high cleaning performance
    • Precise and process-optimized dosing
    • Unlimited germ-free storage
    • High occupational safety and health
    • Ecological footprint: Certified climate-neutral product over the entire life cycle
    • Easy to integrate into existing processes
    • Easy introduction and instruction of cleaning personnel

Modern technical cleaning textiles

Surface cleaning

Today, microfiber cloths are increasingly used for the efficient cleaning of surfaces. These usually consist of a mixture of polyester and polyamide. This enables good cleaning of surfaces and at the same time very good dirt removal.

Microfibers for cloths are mostly split fibers. These are designed like capillaries. This means that the dirt and moisture are sucked into them. This removes the dirt practically completely from the surface. 

This capillary effect also means that it is not enough to just rinse microfiber cloths under the water tap. For hygienic cleaning, the microfiber cloths must be washed first and above all, however, after use mandatory and properly in the washing machine.

Floor cleaning

Technical floor cleaning textiles. These are also called mop covers, mops or simply mops. In the past, these were made of cotton. Later cotton / polyester blends. Mostly these were made in the form of fringed or Kentucky mops. This required a bucket system for rinsing and wringing the mops.

Today, flat mops are preferably used for precise cleaning. Most often in the version with pocket mop or Velcro mop. Of course, also with tabs for attachment to the appropriate holder. 

Modern floor fibers are made of split microfibers. Best of all, these have been sustainably and ecologically water-split and also carry the Nordic Swan eco label. For the exact assignment of the cleaning processes, color coding is also extremely important.

The ClaraClean® ECO system
for precisely controlled hygiene

Environmental protection combined with great hyginic efficiency has been driving all our activities and developments for more than 20 years.

The unique ClaraClean® concept becomes an independent ECO system for precisely controlled hygiene. Everything from a single source guarantees high quality and work safety. In addition to ClaraClean® textiles, there are carefully coordinated washing machines and dryers and all components required for ecological and economical hygiene. And, on request, equipped with chip and data monitoring for further optimised logistics.

Of course we still offer the existing high-quality standard range from frames to textiles and spray mop systems which can be used as part of the ClaraClean® system or on their own.

And there are no longer obstacles to this eco-system. Thanks to AVET Finance, this can now be realised quickly and easily. Tailored to each application and each type of building. From the planning to the realisation.

Why don’t you choose the ClaraClean® Eco System for sustainable and economical cleaning.

Roland Sacks, CEO Avet AG

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