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Avet® - Modern technical cleaning textiles

For surface cleaning

Microfiber cloths are increasingly being used today for the efficient cleaning of surfaces. These usually consist of a mixture of polyester and polyamide. This enables good cleaning of surfaces and at the same time very good dirt removal.

Microfibers for cloths are mostly split fibers. These are designed like capillaries. This means that the dirt and moisture are sucked into them. This means that the dirt is practically completely removed from the surface.

This capillary effect also means that when it comes to microfiber cloths, simply rinsing them under the tap is not enough. For hygienic cleaning, the microfiber cloths must first and above all be washed properly in the washing machine after use.

For floor cleaning

Technical floor cleaning textiles. These are also called wiping covers, wiping mops or simply mops. These used to be made of cotton. Later cotton/polyester blends. These were mostly made in the form of fringed or Kentucky mops. This required a bucket system for rinsing and wringing out the mops.

Today, flat mops are preferred for precise cleaning. Most often in the version with pocket mop or Velcro mop. Of course, also with straps for attachment to the corresponding holder.

Modern floor fibers consist of split microfibers. Best of all, these have been water-split in a sustainable and ecological way and also provided with the Nordic Swan eco-label. Color coding is also extremely important for the precise assignment of the cleaning processes.