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ClaraCleaN Go!

ClaraClean® Go! are loaded high-performance textiles for surface cleaning in the disposable system!

It could not be easier. Moisten the dry-loaded textiles with water and Go!

ClaraClean® Go! Disposable textiles for surface cleaning

DRiZZ® spray mop devices for the ClaraClean® Go! system

Disposable wipes for cleaning

There are already very many different disposable wipes for cleaning. Some of them are already pre-impregnated. Mostly with oils, which probably have a dust-binding effect, but can leave a film on the floor. Disposable cloths for cleaning usually also require chemicals, as in conventional cleaning. With the danger of over- or underdosing. ClaraClean® Go! disposable textiles are already dry prepared. Only water has to be added and the ecological and economic cleaning can begin.

All ClaraClean® Go! wipes are sustainably produced and are 100% CO² compensated.


ClaraClean® Go!

ClaraClean® Go! – The patented Swiss invention!
Just add water – and off you go!

  • High quality disposable cleaning textile (Environmentally friendly free of microfibers)
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Pre-impregnated and dried with fast wetting surfactants
  • No chemicals on site
  • No washing necessary (100% CO2 compensated)
  • Simple, cost-efficient and ecological logistics

For best results, use ClaraClean® original accessories

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