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DRiZZ Spraymopp

DRiZZ® spray mop system

The only multiple patented spray mop system with exchangeable, color-coded pressure bottles for quick cleaning. Large, robust aluminum nozzles with rich spray pattern. Solid reinforced plastic elements also for professional work under beds, chairs.

No water carrying Easy ergonomic behavior.

Spray mop devices DRIZZ®

Spray mop devices eliminate the hassle of carrying full and heavy buckets of water. Only clean water is used. So that the floors can always be cleaned clean and streak-free. DRiZZ devices are the only ones with changeable pressure tanks in the color coding. This allows for quick, easy and efficient cleaning.  Velcro mops, pocket mops and disposable cloths can all be used with the DRiZZ spray mop unit. Especially suitable for building cleaners with our Reload! floor textiles


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