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ClaraClean® C1 Adhesion agent for loading preparation


25,50  / l

20 Liter canister

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Produkt enthält: 20 l

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ClaraClean® C1 – Adhesion agent

ClaraClean® C1 prepares the ClaraClean® textiles, ensures that the fast wetting surfactants adhere optimally.
ClaraClean® C1 is always used in combination with ClaraClean® UniClean Blue, ClaraClean® Uniclean Herbal, ClaraClean® Uniclean Citrus, ClaraClean® SaniClean Red or ClaraClean® SaniClean Citrus.

Optimal and designed to load ClaraClean® Cleaning textiles.

Only for industrial users / professionals


Safety data sheet:

PDF file

SDB ClaraClean 2.0 C1


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