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ClaraClean® click! 50 the unique ozone water generator for on the go


  • Easiest production of ozonated water with normal tap water.
  • Cleans and hygienizes efficiently and quickly.
  • No safety equipment necessary.
  • Effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Suitable for offices, schools, kindergardens, private homes

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ClaraClean® click! 50 the unique ozone water generator for on the go

  • Eliminates up to 99,9990/o (5 log steps) of all microbes, bacteria, viruses including Corona, molds, fungus, protozoans within 5 seconds.
  • Normal tap water is electrolytically converted into ozone.
  • Ozone radicals act against all types of bacteria and viruses.
  • Most simple production of highly efficient hygienizing agents and cleaning products on the base of normal water.
  • Tested and verified by SGS, global leader for testing and certification

Package contents: 1 x Ozone generator 50 ml, Power supply unit

Information & Application

General instructions for use ClaraClean® Click 50

1 click           Cleaning and hygienization of visually clean surfaces and hands.

2 clicks       More intensive cleaning and hygienization of medium soiled surfaces

3 clicks       Against very large soiled and odour formation e.g. clothes and shoes


Application methods

  • Spray, leave to act for a while and then rub dry.
  • Dip cloth into water, clean surface, let dry and dry again with cloth.
  • Spray onto a ClaraClean® cloth and wipe the surface. (Especially for electronic devices)



Click once before cleaning and see whether the cleaning result is already sufficient. If not, click again. But not more than 5 times in sequence.


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