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ClaraClean® Click 50 the unique ozone water generator; set with 50 ClaraClean®Go! disposable surface cloths


  • Easiest production of ozonated water with normal tap water.
  • Cleans and hygienizes efficiently and quickly.
  • No safety equipment necessary.
  • Effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Suitable for offices, schools, kindergardens, private homes

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ClaraClean® Click-Set 50 – the unique ozon water generator together with 50 ClaraClean® Go! SX surface cloths for the optimal hygienization

  • Eliminates up to 99,9990/o (5 log steps) of all microbes, bacteria, virus including Corona, molds, fungus, protozoans within 5 seconds.
  • Normal tap water is transformed electrolytically into
  • Ozone radicals act against all types of bacteria and viruses.
  • Simplest production of highly efficient hygienizers only with normal tap water.
  • Tested and verified by SGS, global leader for testing and certification

For the first time in history, it is now possible, to use normal tap water to produce oxygen radicals and ozone by using electrolysis.

Additionally to ozone this innovation produces oxygen radicals. They are more efficient against pathogens than using normal ozonised water. With this new technology there is now the possibility to manufacture hygienizing water much cheaper and much more efficient than ever before

Oxygen radicals eliminate up to 99,999 % or 5 log steps, microbes, bacteria, viruses including Corona, molds, fungus, protozons, as weil as the biofilms that protects various pathogens. The reaction time of oxygene radicals in only 5 seconds.

Personal protection equipment like gloves, googles are not necessary whilst using the Clara Clean® click! technology. Therefore there is no need of a safety data sheet with any risk advisories.

The effectiveness of the Clara Clean® click 1 Technology has been approved and verified by SGS, the world wide leading company for tests and certifications. Furthermore the university “School of health and life science, university of the west of Scotland, Paisely PA1 2BE” has confirmed in large studies die effectiveness of ozonised water against viruses, especially the Corona Virus.

Package contents: 1 x ClaraClean® Click 50 ozone generator 50 ml, power supply unit, 50 x ClaraClean® SX 120 green disposable surface cloths



Information & Application

General instructions for use ClaraClean® Click 50

1 click           Cleaning and hygienization of visually clean surfaces and hands.

2 clicks       More intensive cleaning and hygienization of medium soiled surfaces

3 clicks       Against very large soiled and odour formation e.g. clothes and shoes


Application methods

  • Spray, leave to act for a while and then rub dry.
  • Dip cloth into water, clean surface, let dry and dry again with cloth.
  • Spray onto a ClaraClean® cloth and wipe the surface. (Especially for electronic devices)



Click once before cleaning and see whether the cleaning result is already sufficient. If not, click again. But not more than 5 times in sequence.




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