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ClaraClean® Wash&Go! neutral – the unique sheet for efficient washing of cleaning textiles – suitable for any washing machine.

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  • Wash up to 40 floor textiles or up to 100 microfiber cloths with one sheet!
  • Packaging recyclable
  • Wash & Go! sheet compostable
  • Compliant with EU Ecolabel
  • Free of Microplast
  • Can be used in any washing machine


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For optimal washing of all types of mop covers. Sheet with special dirt trapping finish for a clean cleaning textile.

  • Add one Wash&Go! sheet to a maximum of 40 ClaraClean® high-performance mop covers (or 80 ClaraClean® microfiber cloths).
  • Wash at 90°C
  • Dry and use for cleaning as needed
  • (Wash up to 40 floor textiles or up to 100 microfiber cloths with one sheet!)


Safety data sheet


Instructions for ClaraClean® Wash&Go:

  • Place max. 40 soiled mops/80 microfiber cloth towels in the washing machine.
  • Attention! Do not store soiled mops wet for several days.
  • Add 1 ClaraClean® 2.0 Wash & Go sheet (depending on degree of soiling 1-2 sheets).
  • Household washing machine: choose 90°C with ECO program + extra spin (optional ECO).
  • Professional washing machine: choose 70°C MOPP program
  • Attention! The ClaraClean® 2.0 Wash & Go! sheet already contains detergent & chemistry (Do not add additional detergent or fabric softener)
  • After the wash cycle, allow washed cleaning textiles to dry in a drying room with dehumidifier or dry in the dryer at the second highest level (cabinet dry – max. 80°C)


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